Christmas is almost here!

Wow, how time flies…  Christmas is almost here and people are STILL ordering copies of Perfect Stride!  I will assume that by now you will know that we cannot guarantee you will receive your copy of Perfect Stride in time to be under you tree for that special someone.  I’ll do my darndest to get your order to you as soon as possible but now, being the 17th of December!  Canada Post is past their “Guaranteed Delivery By” times.

I just sent a copy across the border (Fairly close to us here in Ontario) so I’ve got my fingers crossed.  I also sent it by SUPER EXPENSIVE (faster) shipping which I didn’t charge the customer extra for! (Merry Christmas!) But from today on, you may just receive your order AFTER Christmas.  Which just means MORE anticipation before opening up your game and having an amazing cross country ride with all your friends!  Cheers and have a good Christmas, Hanukkah or other Holiday Event which I have not mentioned!   🙂 Jeff.

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