Watch the videos below for help on setting up the game and rules. We’ve also begun posting videos of the components. So check them out to learn more about Perfect Stride! The first two videos are instructions for the Junior/Intro Rules. The full game has quite a bit more detail and strategy to it so once you’re familiar with the basic game you can advance to the full rules set which is included in the game box. Please send questions and comments to us!

Click on the “Rules” tab above to download a copy of the rules for yourself. 🙂

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How to Play Perfect Stride.  The Basic Rules:



How to Play Perfect Stride. Full Rules:




The Playing Cards

Here are the four main types of playing cards in Perfect Stride. These videos explain all of the card details used in the Full Rules Set.
Some of these bits don’t get used in the Basic Rules.

Skill Cards

Jump Cards

Event Cards

Horse Cards

Rules for Perfect Stride

Here is the latest Rulebook for Perfect Stride. 5.1mb, PDF format.
The Rulebook is posted here to allow users to learn to play Perfect Stride before owning the game, to replace a lost copy of the rules or supplement your game with additional copies of the rules for game players.

All rulebook pdf content including text and images is copyright 2010 Funleague Games.

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Learn to play Perfect Stride!

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For Junior Players (ages 8+). You can use these rules for a simpler game.  There is more detail in this set of rules than in the “basic” rules at the back of the rulebook.  These rules are a great way to introduce the game to anyone unfamiliar with the full game.

Click the button below to download the Junior Rider / Intro Rules:  (Print and keep this rules set with your copy of Perfect Stride)

Questions and Answers

The rulebook for Perfect Stride has gone through extensive tweaks and re-writes but it can’t always answer every question.
Here is a list of any rules-related questions that fans send in.  Before you send questions about rules,  check the rulebook then check here!
If you are just learning how to play, we will be posting videos down the road to help teach the major concepts and game flow.

The Rulebook will always be available for download above.  Just click on the rulebook picture.

Learn to play

You can always find game help under Learn the Game, then click The Rules tab.

Under The Rules, you can download the rulebook and read how to play on your own.  Questions we receive about the rules of the game will be posted there along with Video Tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Questions and answers related to the amazing horse-themed card game Perfect Stridetm can be found below.   This will get updated as we receive feedback and questions from players around the world.   Before you send us a question, check here to see if it’s already been answered.   If your question hasn’t been answered here, send it our way.  Just click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.

Perfect Stride General FAQ’s

How many people can play Perfect Stride?
It’s a game for 2 to 4 players.

How long does it take to play Perfect Stride?
The length of the game depends on a few things:   How many people are playing, the length of the jump course and how familiar everyone is with the rules.   An average game of 4 players with a full 10-jump course can be played in 45 minutes or so.   It’s really quite flexible as you may choose to play shorter games by using fewer jumps.   If you’re learning to play for the first time, it will be a bit longer than normal.

How old do you need to be to play Perfect Stride?
There are two age ranges suggested for Perfect Stride;  Ages 8+ can play with our introductory “Junior Rules” and ages 13+ will easily grasp the full rule set.  Once you’re familiar with the rules, it’s quite fun and easy to play.

Is Perfect Stride a game just for kids or can adults play?
The game is quite fun to play even for adults.  Perfect Stride has been enjoyed by many ages including teens as well as younger and older adults.

Is Perfect Stride a game for girls?  It’s all about horses!
Perfect Stride is fun for everyone.  It’s true that lots of girls really like horses but Perfect Stride is played by all kinds of people, not just girls.  Jeff, one of the game’s designers, wanted to make sure that it was a game he would enjoy playing too! 🙂

What kind of game is Perfect Stride?  It doesn’t seem like anything I’ve ever played before.
Perfect Stride at it’s heart is a card game.   It does have board game elements, but it doesn’t have a board like you would find in a traditional board game.  We like to think of it as a new style of game; like the really interesting games coming out of Europe and the specialty games by some of the newer North American publishers.   It’s tons of fun!

Is Perfect Stride fun to play?
Of course it is!  Imagine galloping across the countryside on a well-trained horse,  encountering challenging jumps and trying to be the first one up and over… all the while avoiding pitfalls and using your skill as a rider to win points.  Then imagine doing this with your friends!  What could be more fun than that?

Is the game the same every time you play?
The jump course that you ride is different every time you play.  You will never know what jump is coming next and random events occur just as you’re about to leap over that next obstacle.  Perfect Stride can be played over and over again.  It keeps changing and it’s challenging enough that you’ll want to play “just one more time”.

How many jump course combinations are there in the game?
If you were to play 10 jump courses only, there are actually 104857600000000000000000000 combinations of jumps!  (there are 20 jump cards in the deck)  You could really play for a LONG time before you competed on the same jump course twice!  🙂